Gulati Addresses Jones Eligibility

On a conference call earlier today, US Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati described the timetable for Jermaine Jones joining the US National Team. 

“We’ve had pretty regular communication with Jermaine’s representatives and advisors," Gulati said. "He has both publicly and privately indicated that he would like to file for an eligibility switch. I think the paperwork for that has probably now been submitted to FIFA and the earliest he would be eligible to move would be the second of August which would be 60 days after the rule change came into effect. After that it comes down to the normal things, the health of the player and Bob’s selection.”

For his part, US National Team coach Bob Bradley is waiting on the official notice that Jones is eligible for the United States. 

“From a coaching standpoint, you wait for things to be final," Bradley said. "You never know how things go in terms of paperwork and that kind of thing. Once that’s all taken care of, then he will be a player that we can consider and then you take into account the obvious factors that you would with any other player.”

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  1. It is too bad that picked up a hairline fracture in his foot.