National Soccer Hall Of Fame Leaves Oneonta

After decades in Oneonta, NY, the National Soccer Hall of Fame has announced they will be vacating their physical location. The Hall’s soccer complex opened on June 12th, 1999 and includes playing fields as well as the Hall of Fame building. The Hall will put its collection in storage while “distributing permanent displays for exhibition in several locations nationwide.”

“The National Soccer Hall of Fame is saddened to be closing our doors in Oneonta, a city and region that has showed great support for both the museum and the sport long before we opened here,” Hall of Fame president Jonathan Ullman said. “Ultimately, we need to move forward in a manner that maximizes our resources and provides the greatest possible access by the public to the history and heroes of the sport, and this is the first step forward in that process.”

The Hall’s current building will be transferred to the Otsego County Development Corporation. The Otsego County Development Corporation will immediately assume management of the facility.

“The vision for the National Soccer Hall of Fame, its birth, and the majority of its support has, for nearly 30 years, originated in Oneonta,” Hall of Fame Board chairman, Doug Willies said. “In recognition of these unprecedented contributions to the promotion of soccer in the United States, the Board of Directors of the NSHOF is pleased to return at no cost to the community the entire campus and facility”.

One Response to National Soccer Hall Of Fame Leaves Oneonta

  1. Shawn says:

    Maybe I’ll actually get to see some of the exhibits now. I know they wanted the journey to be part of it, but if there’s nothing else to do in that area (I’m not a baseball fan) why would I fly across the country and then need to rent a car? This makes a lot more sense, especially if it’s in MLS stadiums.