FIFPro Releases Report On Eastern European Soccer

fifproFIFPro, the international professional soccer players union, has released a wide-ranging report on working conditions for pro players in Eastern Europe.  The Black Book Eastern Europe is available as a pdf download from FIFPro's official site.  Representing the experiences of 3,357 players, the report details evidence of racism and harassment of players along with club financial issues, unenforced contracts, and lack of oversight in how soccer operates in the region.  FIFPro is calling on UEFA and FIFA to enforce existing regulations to create a better work environment for professional players in Eastern Europe.

"Up until now, everybody just thought that the players in Eastern Europe were treated badly, now we have proof that they are treated badly," FIFPro secretary general Theo van Seggelen said. "We now know the facts. I hope that the other stakeholders in football, and also the national governments and the European Commission understand that the time to take action is now."

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