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“This is our home and we want everybody that comes here to fear this stadium." DC United midfielder Dwayne De Rosario. 

Other Sources

D.C. United ‘getting there,’ but still has much to prove – from The Washington Post's Steven Goff: The rustiness and lack of understanding were conspicuous.

Dynamo midfield gets thinner as MLS suspends Moffat one game – from The Houston Chronicle's Jose de Jesus Ortiz: "I won the ball, got the ball."

The Thoughts of MLS Commissioner, Don Garber – from The San Francisco Chronicle's Alan Black: "it wasn’t just about having a handful of really popular clubs but to ensure that our whole league would be viable economically."

Sounders' Estrada handling success well – from The Herald's John Boyle: "Well as we speak, there are two cameras on my face, so yeah, I've noticed it."

Red Bulls' Wilman Conde eases doubts, including his own – from The NY Post's Brian Lewis: When Conde returned, he gave the Red Bulls far more than they had any reasonable right to expect.

Cunningham revels in Guatemalan odyssey – from's Tom Marshall: as he wasn't expecting the 50 to 60 members of the media awaiting his arrival.

Peter Crouch wonder goal more a case of flight one than route one – from The Guardian's David Lacey: Stoke and superlatives are uneasy bedfellows.

Serie A, a €2.6 billion deficit Cost-benefits: uncontrollable losses – from La Gazetta dello Sport: The difference between the costs and the proceeds of football in Italy is out of control.

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@fmuamba – Fabrice Muamba: Fab wanted me to post this pic for you all and to also say thank you for such overwhelming support.


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2 Responses to Upside: Home Field

  1. AgentJ says:

    I fear going to RFK, but that’s mostly because of the cracking concrete and loose fixtures.

  2. Derek says:

    Yeah, and the racoons.