Marquez, Chavez Suspended And Fined

Major League Soccer's Disciplinary Committee announced the retroactive punishments from last Saturday's New York – San Jose game. New York's Rafa Marquez has been suspended for three games and fined for dragging down and kicking San Jose's Shea Salinas and San Jose's Marvin Chavez has been suspended for one game and fined for a tackle from behind that was judged a yellow card by the officiating crew. Per league policy, the amount of the fines weren't made public.


4 Responses to Marquez, Chavez Suspended And Fined

  1. Steve says:

    The officiating crew did not miss the tackle by Chavez as he received a yellow card in the game for the tackle. MLS Disciplinary Committee is now the 5th official in interpreting the rules of the game after the fact including degree of foul called. However, the Committee somehow did not interpret Henry’s 2 cleat tackle on Wondolowski in the same vein. The Committee’s rulings should continue to be a source of amusement and pain over the course of the season.

  2. Glenn says:

    MLS is a total JOKE. I’ve had season tickets since day one. But this Discipline Committee is a completely bogus, inconsistent load of horsecrap!

  3. !!! says:

    Wasn’t sure where to put this one, but somebody said Jason’s article from yesterday overplayed the idea that this could ruin a game in progress. Trust me, as someone sitting there it can ruin a game in progress.

  4. King Arthur says:

    Count me as a fan of the new system. I support anything modern football can do to enhance the skill-side of the game and cut down on thuggery. I’m glad MLS is willing to try different things to see what might improve the game. And for me, cleaning up the game a bit would be an improvement. If the idea of a suspension/fine works to put a chill on some of the hacking/cynicism, I support it. I’m looking forward to see what impact this trial has on the MLS game.