Video: Herculez Gomez Interview

Kick's Jimmy Conrad speaks with Santos Laguna and US National Team forward Herculez Gomez.

One Response to Video: Herculez Gomez Interview

  1. the 1st kyle says:

    Why is it that Gomez has received, aside from 1 text message, zero attention from the USNT under Klinsman? Altidore gets picked for every single game and Gomez gets 1 text? Im not saying can Altidore because there is a lot of promise there if he can finally live up to his potential, but to not even give Gomez (a guy scoring goals on a consistent basis in the hostile enviroment of the mexican league) 1 single call up…not even a call to training camp to have a look. I dont think Gomez is answer to all our goal scoring problems, but to not even try him out? Im just curious what people here think is the reason for this is.