Webb Elected CONCACAF President

Jeffrey Webb is now officially the president of CONCACAF.  Webb was elected on Wednesday in Budapest during CONCACAF’s meeting as part of FIFA’s Congress.  Webb ran unopposed.  Representing the Cayman Islands, Webb was previously president of the Caribbean Football Union, a subsidiary of CONCACAF.

“Over the last year our mission and our vision have been blurred, from lawyers, to audit reports to compensation, we have deviated from our mission,” Webb said in his acceptance speech.  “I am here, we are here, because of our love for football; the passion for the game drives and motivates our every action…. The events over the past year will not define and determine our destiny,” said Webb.  “We have a responsibility to ensure that history isn’t repeated… Let us use the events over the past year as a catalyst to promote positive change.  Let’s see it as an opportunity to return to the core values of the beautiful game – the values which enchanted and sparked our love affair with this game.”

One Response to Webb Elected CONCACAF President

  1. King Arthur says:

    Smoke filled back rooms, far away from prying eyes, “unopposed”, old boys network, here comes the new boss . . . Webb sure has his acceptance speech cliches finely honed.