CONCACAF creates Integrity Committee

CONCACAF, North and Central American soccer's governing body, has named a new Integrity Committee.In response to questions over accountability and transparency, CONCACAF has announced a three-person Integrity Committee.  The new committee is tasked with "ensuring accountability, transparency, and good governance among the CONCACAF Congress and member countries" and will oversee "all investigations pertaining to past practices from the previous leadership in order to ensure clarity regarding all pending issues within the newly reformed confederation."  The three members of the committee are former Barbados chief justice David Simmons, who will serve as chair, accounting specialist Ernesto Hempe, and former US District Court Judge Ricardo Urbina.

“At CONCACAF we are working tirelessly towards setting up solid foundations that will allow our confederation to concentrate on one thing: managing, developing and promoting the game,” CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb said in a press statement. ”We have invited the most qualified and reputable individuals in their fields to assist us in the fulfillment of our vision; building a powerful structure of integrity, transparency and accountability to allow our region to grow.”

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