Upside: Working with a Ball

Their Words

“When you come into camp on a Monday, the next Monday seems like far away, but anytime you have double days time goes by faster than you think. It’s a grind, especially coming off six weeks without working with a ball. It’s a testament to the fitness staff that things went so smoothly.” US National Team player Brad Evans

The Radar

  1. Villa’s Premier League position.
  2. The MLS combine.
  3. The MLS draft.
  4. FA Cup midweek games.
  5. National Team camp.

Ten Stories

MLS 2013: A Technical Evaluation of Strength of Schedule – from The Shin Guardian: Given these imbalances, it is only natural to ask which teams gain advantage.

Intrigue surrounds top picks – from Soccer America’s Paul Kennedy: Fortunately for Chivas USA, two attractive picks are available.

Kevin Payne’s Maverick Appointment Of Nelsen Unnecessary and Inexplicable – from Forbes’ Bobby McMahon: But it was at that point that things took a most bizarre turn.

ZUSI CONFIDENT AFTER WEST HAM STINT – from Yanks Abroad’s Brian Sciaretta: “It’s just an all-round exciting and fun year where I experienced a lot of new things.”

Agents’ bofy hits out at FIFA’s GPX plans – from Soccerex: FIFA last week held further talks over its GPX concept….

Happy birthday FA… you’re not perfect but we need you now as much as ever – from The Independent’s Sam Wallace: There can be no doubting that in its 150th year, the FA faces as big a battle as ever for its place in the English game.

Price of watching football will continue to rise despite City fans’ protest – from The Guardian’s Sean Ingle: with an economy mired in stagnation, average Premier League attendances for each season bobbed gently between 34,215 and 35,363.

Arsenal are a nervous, deeply flawed shadow of great teams of old – from The Telegraph’s Paul Hayward: But here is the encouraging part.

Snapshot: The Flying Knife – from Bundesliga Fanatic’s Niklas Wildhagen: The stadiums weren’t filled with an exuberant amount of video cameras back in the 70s after all.

ALEXI LALAS’ TOP 10 RATT SONGS – from Ultimate Classic Rock: From the acapella intro to the choruses, the harmonies are interesting throughout.

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