Upside: Run more than us

Their Words

"The team that wants to beat us either here or away has to run more than us. If they don’t run more than us, then we’ve secured a point. Because as much as these players run and fight, that point is already guaranteed." Chivas USA Jose Luis Sanchez Sola.

The Radar

  1. Donovan's return for the Galaxy.
  2. Every MLS team with a loss.
  3. CONCACAF Champions League.
  4. UEFA Champions League.
  5. Zusi with KC.

Ten Stories

'Horrible' first half sends Sounders soul-searching - from The News Tribune's Don Ruiz: “I’m going to go yell at them,” he said.

Juventus already in Munich. Conte considers playing Pogba as an extra midfielder - from La Gazzetta dello Sport: Conte already has his formation in mind.

Sunderland take a gamble on survival with Paolo Di Canio - from The Independent's Martin Hardy: Sunderland have failed to win any of their last eight Premier League games....

Martin O'Neil's panic sacking means top-class managers risk sack if they do not deliver quickly - from The Telegraph's Alan Hansen: There was a time as a manager you could afford a bad season and get a second chance.

Face to face: Christopher Samba - from World Soccer: What can a player say about the price?

Marco Reus: 'We push our boundaries because we believe in Dortmund' - from The Guardian's Donald McRae: Reus believes his club and national team are on the brink of some enduring achievements.

McCoist knows that winning titles is never enough for Rangers fans - from The Herald's Michael Grant: When any team wins a league it is normal to reflect on perhaps half a dozen "key" games which shaped the season.

Escape To Liquidity: Charles Green, Rangers & The English League System - from Two Hundred Percent: But they aren’t the only people that would need to be convinced in such a case.

Why it could be a crazy summer transfer window - from Backpage Football's Bob Smith: Well, where to begin?

Brazil's stadium closure impacts Rio 2016 preparations - from BBC Sport's Tim Vickery: There is a more immediate problem....

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