Soccer History

The history of soccer in the United States as well as Europe for both clubs and countries. If you always wondered what it was like during the original NASL era or wanted to know more about some of the greatest games in world soccer, this is your guide. 


Importing Foreign Leagues
Indoor Soccer
Team America – 1976
Team America – 1983
USA – Canada, 80’s Edition
USA – North Korea, Oct 19th, 1991
The Day It All Changed
USA – South Africa, June 3rd, 2000
The Worth Of Remembering


Clive Toye
Jim Trecker
George Best: 1946-2005
Greg Ryan
Paul Gardner
Lee Stern
Thomas Rongen
Chico Chacurian
Raymond Bernabei
Paul Danilo

George Brown
Len Oliver

Alan Willey

Jukey Nanoski

April Heinrichs

Paul Caligiuri

Mike Windischmann

Tab Ramos

Shannon Higgins

Jerry Yeagley

Brian Quinn

Paul Child

Mia Hamm


A Soccer History Of Houston
The Original Sounders
MISL:San Diego
MISL Sidekicks
The Last To Fall


The Early Years Of The NASL
Arrogant Americans
George Best In America
The King Has Arrived
Henry Kissinger, The NASL, And The 1986 World Cup
Television And The NASL
When You Wear The Union Label
The Last Commissioner
The Alberta Derby
The Northwest Territory
Trouble In Toronto
Tulsa’s Charity Case
Manic Depression
A Final Victory
NASL: The End
A Worthy Experiment
Honoring The NASL
No Escaping The NASL’s Dilemma

The World

Keeping The Game Offside
The Greatest Exhibition Ever?
The Will Not To Lose
Argentina And Holland ’78
World Champions for A Day
Throwing Off The Shackles Of History
Wembley ’73
The Evolution Of Self-Defeating Greed
The Biggest Man For The Biggest Job
The Villain Of Seville
United’s Best Night

Leeds Bright And Dark
Is It Good To Be The King?
Attacking With Few Words
Holland, Germany, Football, The War
Part 2: Holland, Germany, Football, The War
The Perfect Performance
Animals Vs. Thieves

The Battle of Santiago
Brazil Comes Of Age

Part 2: Brazil Comes Of Age
Should Youth Be Served?
Scotland In Decline
Part 2: Scotland In Decline

Dutch Problems
Great Expectorations
Forza Italia
Feet Of God

Part 2: Feet Of God
Di Stefano’s House
End Of The Golden Age
The Italian Scandal Of 1980
The Rise Of Liverpool
The Miracle Of Bern
The Spirit Of The Result
Danish Dynamite

No Longer A Game

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